Click on underlined links for the Program at the St. Luke's WIPAC event, which includes MP4 Video Recordings. WIPAC recommends "DOWNLOAD AND SAVING" an MP4 video file to PC before viewing.
The Program for the St. Luke Event (link following) contains detailed information on the content of the concert, as well as video recordings (MP4) of the concert.

PROGRAM FOR THE EVENT, "MUSIC IN THE AFTERNOON, AT ST. LUKE'S Church in McLean, VA, presented by WIPAC on September 25th 2020.

The program above contains a translation of the poem of Nizami, "Sevgili Canan" (Beloved Sweetheart), a song for vocalist with piano accompaniment, composed by Hajibeyov.. Herewith are two Hajibeyov compositions which were performed at that concert. The vocal piece was also presented in the online streaming event, also posted below.

Hajibeyov "Sevgili canan", Marina Shinko, soprano & Conlon, pianist

Hajibeyov Piano Transcription Overture to the opera, Koroglu, Frank Conlon, pianist

To WIPAC's knowledge, a live performance and recording of this piano transcription has never been attempted until now.

You can also view and listen to the online streaming event which was entitled : "Music that Astonishes the World". This YOUTUBE link is a complete copy of the online streaming event: https://youtu.be/TKPfrBgIP78

Review on YOUTUBE by Azerbaijani Press: https://youtu.be/jZuTcieHw1s

WIPAC's " Music in the Afternoon" event, September 25th, 2020, was a follow-up to an online streamed program called, "Music that Astonishes the World," September 18th, 2020, which featurd rarely heard compositions by Azerbaijan's most famous composer, Uzeyir Hajibeyov, using poems of the Azerbaijani poet, Nizami Ganjavi (d.1209).

Soprano, Marina Shinko, and pianist, Frank Conlon, presented "Sevgili canan" as one of the performances of online streamed project “Music that Astonishes the World.’ The online event is was organized by “Sonmaz Mashal” CRPU and sponsored by  the State Support Council to NGOs under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan in association with Washington International Piano Arts Council (WIPAC). WIPAC thanks the Embassy of Azerbaijan, DC, for its support in the presentation of the St. Luke Event Concert.

Additional vocal selections from the WIPAC St. Luke's Concert EVENT are posted below (mp4 video files, downloadable):

( Please refer to program above for details regarding the composer's songs that were performed). Additonal translation material will be provided as received by the artist.

Rachmaninov Songs, soprano, Marina Shinko, Franck Conlon, piano accompanist

Tchaikovsky Songs, soprano, Marina Shinko, Frank Conlon, piano accompanist

Mussorgsky Songs, soprano, Marina Shinko, Frank Conlon, piano accompanist