REVISED JULY 7th, 2016 (changed place and time for marathon, now in B120)


Washington International Piano Artists Competition Locations

Shuttle Services Between Airports and GWU Campus
Hotel Accomodation Information

Modified: June 30, 2016; this file is incomplete except that the information on prelim round at GWU is correct.
Other data will be announced as sites are arranged closer to the time of the competition and can change from what you see now below from 2015.

Note: Links underlined below, contain additional information or maps

DATES OF COMPETITION: Friday AUGUST 5, through Sunday, AUGUST 7, 2016
Welcome Reception (OPEN TO competitors, guests, donors, and volunteers WITH RSVP) is Thursday August 4th (see below for location). CHROME browser users should reload this page each time you visit it, manually, to update to your currently stored page information!