Washington International Piano Arts Council
3862 Farrcroft Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030 USA


Recorded Performances (mp3)

2012 Tenth Anniversary Washington Intenational Piano Artists Competition

KENG SIONG SIM, 1st Place Finalist

Keng Siong Sim Prelim

Keng Siong Sim Semifinal

Keng Siong Sim Final


GORDEN CHENG, 2nd Place Finalist

Gorden Cheng Prelim

Gorden Cheng Semi Final

Gorden Cheng Final


Cathryn Lai, 3rd Place Finalist

Cathryn Lai Prelim

Cathryn Lai Semifinal

Cathryn Lai Final

(Remainder finalists were not ranked but placed here in alphabetical order)

Carlos Ibay, Place Finalist

Carlos Ibay, Prelim

Carlos Ibay, Semifinal

Carlos Ibay, Final

Jeremais Mameghani, Finalist

Jeremais Mameghani, Prelim

Jeremais Mameghani, Semifinal

Jeremais Mameghani, Final

Michael Slavin, Finalist

Michael Slavin, Prelim

Michael Slavin, Semifinal

Michael Slavin, Final

For program see PROGRAM (sans cover page) listed aphabetically under the pianist's last name.

Please note: some competitor's programs made changes to the order of their programs
not specifically listed in the printed PROGRAM.