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Prize offering at the 2021 Washington International Piano Artists Composition for the best performance of a piano composition of Spencer Huffman: $300



Spencer Huffman, American Composer (BIO ONLINE)


A list of all of his works is on his web site: 


All of Huffman's scores are available from the Arthur Friedheim Library at The Peabody Conservatory. They are available to the public.

Below underlined are pdf copies of original scores which may be copied and printed for study and performance. (Use pdf reader and print "shrink to fit" on standard copy paper)

Chopin Studies (autograph; original score) (revised here on 01/15/2018 with some improvements)

The following two files are preserved for the historical record. Two new files are as follows:

Huffman Piano Sonata Final Typeset Version (pdf)

Notes on the Huffman Piano Sonata (1984) ...(pdf)

Piano Sonata (1984) (autograph; original score) (new PDF score above)

Huffman Original Score of Sonata with printing instructions

A typeset version has been publichsed as above in PDF format, however, Huffman's manuscript is exceptionally readable.

In addition to the other available Huffman pieces on this site, a single movement of the Sonata, or a group of 3 Chopin Studies pieces, will fulfill the prize requirements for the Best Performance Hufmann Award of $300, being offered at the annual Washington International Piano Artists Competition, by courtesy of Prisciilla Hiuffman, widow of Spencer Huffman.

Recording: Huffman: Piano Sonata (composer's rendition of the score). (Not a professionally made recording, but gives a reasonalby good score rendering.)

Newer Recording: https://www.facebook.com/154559821242358/videos/157292316247397

The above link ontains performances and discussions of the Sonata work.