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♫ 2019 SEASON


Washington Int'l PIano Artists Competition

JULY 18th
Preliminary Rounds-1st day from 9:30AM to 5PM
Phillips Hall GWU Music Dept.
Rm: B-120
22nd and H Streets NW, DC

July 19th
Preliminary Rounds-2nd day from 1PM to 5PM
Same location as above

July 20th
Semifinal Round
from 1pm to 6PM
Same location as above

July 21st
Final Round
from 2PM at Corcoran Gallery, Hammer Auditorium, 500 17th Street NW, use North side entrance off E St. (called New York Ave for a short strip)

Click Here for Press Release and Schedule of Events

<The above file offers useful scheduling information: when and where!>

Costs: $25 concert only

$50 includes program+ cocktails after round

$135 If you plan to attend the final round of the competition and also considering attending the Cocktail Hour, Awards Ceremony and Celebratory Dinner, use the following response form includes a $10 program at door if paid.:

Celebratory Dinner Response Form

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2019 Piano Concert Series
at Kosciuszko Foundation
1:30PM Saturdays

(See below: location info)

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and also


Kosciuszko Foundation
DC Chapter Link Info

WIPAC Concerts at Kosciuszko Foundation 2025 "O" St. NW, DC start at 1:30pm on Saturdays and are open to the public. WIPAC membership donations are gratefully accepted.
Early arrival is recommended

Parking Suggestions - KF


3862 Farrcroft Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030 USA


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ATTENTION: (click on underlined links to pdf copies of program and schedule for Thursday and Friday

The Official Program of the 2019 Festival of Music and The Washington International Piano Artists Competition

ANNOUNCING JULY 18th and 19th: Preliminary Rounds Schedule of Pianists (most up to date changes)

WIPAC'S Washington International Piano Artists Competition Dates are: JULY 17-21st. See the LEFT SIDE column of this page for links to printable pdf files containing more information re attendance at the competition.

We will be starting the preliminary rounds on July 18th and 19th at GWU Phillips Hall B120; semifinal round is on Saturday, and then we move to THE CORCORAN MUSEUM (newly acquired by the GWU Corcoran School of the Arts and Designs) on JULY 21st at 1:00 PM in their beautiful concert hall auditorium, last used by WIPAC in 2005.

Here is a link to some information on parking in the area around Corcoran: Click this link for Corcoran PKG INFO

The building is just west of the White House Lawn. 500 17th Street, but use the North side entrance along what is a very short strip of New York Avenue (that is actually E Street mostly) on this day. As you may know, the street names were meant to confuse everyone trying to find the WHITE HOUSE!

See PRESS CORNER (above) for a review of our WIPAC competition in 2005 at THE CORCORAN, written by TIM PAGE, Pulitzer Prize Winning Staff Writer of the Washington Post. WIPAC makes HISTORY with its memorable events!!! We look forward to our return to Corcoran in 2019!

Guidelines with Application forms for pianists planning to participate in the coming WIPAC PIANO ARTISTS COMPETITION are posted at and are now being received. Please submit applications by JULY 1st. Donors, please be generous and early with your prize pledges, because it will affect what we are able to post and offer by way of prizes this year to the best artistic piano competitors.

FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC: To the left is a response form which should be used to attend the FINAL ROUND of the Washington Int'l Piano Artists Competition Final Round and Optional Events following. No tickets are given, and you can signup to attend concert only at the gate for a small donation, but dinner reservations, that enable you to spend the celebretory evening with the artists; reservations must be made IN ADVANCE to assure your accomodation..

Click on our Competitions Page for what competitors need to know, and see our Highlights Page for Video and Audio Recordings in WIPAC's vast COLLECTION
See and hear what WIPAC piano artists do!


HELP/QUESTIONS: Contact WIPAC by email (see bottom of this page).


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