Welcome to WIPAC

Washington International Piano Arts Council (WIPAC) was established in 2001 to promote international friendship and mutual understanding among nations, to provide an educational forum for all levels of professional and non-professional pianists, to help generate a renaissance of interest in great piano artistry, and to provide venues worldwide where classical music can flourish in many communities.

To further its goals, WIPAC has developed a 5 Year Plan which aims to make the organization take on an expanded mission. In addition, a sponsor gift-giving brochure is available upon request. Over the past 16 consecutive years, WIPAC has hosted an annual Festival of Music and an International Piano Artists Competition for nonprofessional piano artists 31years and older in Washington, DC during the months of July/August. It is the only competition of its kind in the USA that has been presented consecutively year after year, for so long. Our sister competition in Paris is in its 30th consecutive year. In 2019, and WIPAC will be in its 17th consecutive year. WIPAC also hosts annually the unique and exciting “Winners Grand Prix Piano Concert” in April, which features multiple winners of international piano competitions for adult nonprofessional piano artists, and several other piano events in Washington, DC, featuring highly distinguished piano artists.

WIPAC presents pianists in cooperation with universities, orchestras, museums and embassies throughout the Washington, DC METRO area, and has branches of cooperation in Maryland, Pennsylvania (Cheney U.), Azerbaijan; Japan & Poland. In 2015, WIPAC presented the First Festival of Piano Music in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, in partnership with Maryland State Sisterhood Program under the auspices of the Office of the Secretary of State and The Kanagawa Prefecture Government.

For sample recordings by WIPAC PIANISTS, visit our HIGHLIGHTS PAGE (see tabs above). These feature non-professional artists, who are eager to share their love for piano with you. Earlier recordings are audio, but in the past two years, more video recordings have been made available, including complete recordings of the entire Washington International Piano Artists Competition performances. Programs accompany competition listings and may be used to select recordings from specific rounds of these performances. If you use them personally, there is no need to contact WIPAC. No commercial use is permitted without permission. All rights are reserved.

There are Press Reviews of WIPAC EVENTS dating back to 2005 with "Washington Post's" Pulitzer Prize Winning Music Critic, Tim Page.. These can be seen on the PRESS CORNER PAGE. (See Tabs Above).

WIPAC is registered as a non-profit entity under IRS Section 501(c)(3) and derives its support from the generosity of those who believe that music and the performing arts contribute to the enrichment of our lives. We are a 100% volunteer organization. In the case of the pano competition, the piano jury is professional and receive honorariums for their work on WIPAC's behalf.

Detailed information on the WIPAC piano competition is provided as soon as available on the COMPETITIONS page of the www.wipac.org website. Interested pianists are encouraged to contact WIPAC for further information on dates, eligibility, and preparation requirements. Previous year requirements may be used by applicants as a basis to prepare repertoire. Final application forms for the next competition are posted in March or April. Venue locations for August are announced later.

Over the past years since its inception, WIPAC has been very privileged to have presented annual piano concerts at foreign embassies in Washington, DC, and the Board is very grateful for the ongoing cooperation from the embassies of Argentina, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, France, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Iceland, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Finland and Luxembourg, the Mexican Cultural Institute, and the Kosciuszko Foundation (DC Chapter). All international embassies are welcomed to request WIPAC's assistance in hosting cultural piano events.

We cordially invite our audiences and supporters to join our membership and support groups so that we may continue to make piano music artistry flourish in our community. Let great music live and continue to enrich our hearts and minds and bring peace to our world!

Chateau Gardecki, Board Chair
Washington International Piano Arts Council